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Lukol helps to treat the following symptoms: non-specific leucorrhea; pelvic inflammatory disease; malaise and backache associated with leucorrhea.

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About Lukol

Lukol bears a stimulatory effect on the endometrium. Uterine circulation is improved by Lukol's tonic property; also leukorrhea is controlled by its astringent and antimicrobial actions on the mucous membrane of the genital system. Besides, Lukol helps to improve general health and to relieve the symptoms, which are associated with leukorrhea. This medicine controls white discharge.

Start by taking 2 tablets twice a day; afterwards, take one tablet twice a day.

In case you miss a dose while using the medicine regularly, you should take it as soon as possible. You shouldn’t take 2 doses at the same time.

The medicine should be stored at the room temperature. Keep it away from sunlight and moisture. Make sure, that children don’t have access to the medicine.

Lukol Safety information

There are absolute contraindications. In case of pregnancy or breast-feeding, please consult your healthcare professional.

Gynecological patients who used Lukol showed excellent results in 80% of the cases of menorrhagia and leucorrhoea, occurring after tubectomy and IUCD insertions.

Lukol Side effects

If Lukol is taken according to the prescribed dosage, no side effects are known to occur.

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