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How to treat headache?
Ampills Answer
If you have mild headache from time to time, you may use massage or simple relaxation. If this problem bothers you regularly and often, maybe this is migraine, and you need special anti-migraine medicine. Chose them in Pain Relief Group.
tina shiels
I have scoloisis, i have 2 curves a spine surgeon operated on me and fused me at the spinous processes of l4 to s1 at the spinous processes only, he didnt remove any discs and he didnt put in any metalworl all he put in was bmp its a protein and grows new bone thing is when this stuff started to grow i was experiencing really really bad weakness in the legs and my ribcage pain was really really bad, i am tighter in some areas than others, the thing is my recent mri showed hypertrophic facet joint causing pressure on the thecal sac and left nerve....the surgeon that operated said nothing to be done and another neurosurgeon recommended surgery asap.....what does the above mean and how could having an operation in my lower lumbar give me really bad ribcage pain further on up? it is severe, i have noticed when i like massage my right calf muscle which is extremly tight it has an effect on that ribcage and eases it....could their be a connection? i suppose anytihngs possible!
Ampills Answer
It can be connection, but you really need another operation, especially if your surgeon says it is necessary. After the surgery you will have to do special gymnastics exercises and take pain relievers and possibly muscle relaxants which will be prescribed to you.
My sister is 45 and we just found out that she has massive arthritis in her right lower back which caused inflammation in her L5. Can you please tell me what kind of food she should avoid in order to decrease the inflammation?
Ampills Answer
Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables as they have natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are crucial for the health of the joints, as well as the rest of the body.
i had spinal stenosis of my cervical spine and ended up with some nerve damage.I had a three level fusion but i still have some nerve pain that comes and goes but when it comes its bad. is there anything that i can eat that will help with the pain?should i be on an anti inflammatory diet all the time?
Ampills Answer
Pro-inflammatory foods will increase inflammation, increase your pain from the inflammation and may also raise your risk for chronic disease. Loading up on junk foods, high-fat meats, sugar and fast foods will increase inflammation in your body. Better be on an anti-inflammatory diet.

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