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Aricept is used to treat dementia caused by Alzheimer disease

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About Aricept

Aricept (Donepezil) is a medicine - cholinesterase inhibitor for dementia treatment. It is used to treat mild and moderate dementia forms caused by Alzheimer disease.

The spectrum of its action spreads on impairment of memory, judgment, and abstract thinking; changes in personality.

It increases the level of acetylcholine in the brain. This improves thinking ability.

Aricept must be taken orally with or without food in amount prescribed by your doctor. Usually the doctor prescribes to take this pill one time a day, before you go to bed.

If you miss the dose of Aricept, take it as soon as you remember. But do not double the dose. If it is already almost time to take the next dose, just skip the previous one. But next time try not to forget it because this medicine must be taken unless your doctor tells to stop.

Store Aricept away from heat at room temperature. Keep it away from moisture and light. Keep it out of the reach of children and away from pets.

Aricept Safety information

Do not take Aricept with alcohol. To find out if it is possible o take Aricept with other medicine, consult your healthcare provider. If you are allergic to cyproheptadine, do not take this medicine.

Do not give Aricept to children. This may be unsafe.

It is not known if Aricept passes into breast milk. If you are going to breast-feed while you use Aricept you must discuss this with your doctor. This may be risky for your baby.

Aricept Side effects

Discuss the benefits and risks of Aricept intake with your doctor, is you suffer from these side effects:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • tiredness;
  • dizziness;
  • muscle cramps;
  • loss of appetite;
  • abnormal dreams;
  • sleeplessness;
  • drowsiness;
  • vomiting;
  • weight loss.

Call emergency if you took Aricept and got a severe allergic reaction, fainting; fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat; loss of bowel or bladder control; seizures; tremor; trouble urinating; unsteadiness; unusual mental or mood changes; vision changes; vomit that contains blood or looks like coffee grounds.

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