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Ophthacare eye drops help from eye irritations due to simple tiredness, infection, inflammation or allergic disorders.

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About Ophthacare

Ophthacare eye drops ensure a refrigerant and relieving impact and facilitate eye irritations and visual fatigue. Besides it can benefit during illnesses connected with infection, inflammation and allergy.

Use 1 or 2 drops, 4-5 times per day.

Ophthacare is efficient in curing such diseases as eye infection and inflammation. Additionally Ophthacare can be useful in case of congestion and also in case of visual fatigue due to its cooling impact. It’s perfect for those who sleep in contact lens as Ophthacare reduces the tension from wearing contact lens.

If you are statedly taking this drug and you forget to take one dose, you should take it as quickly as you can. But in this case you should take only one dose.

Safekeeping: You should keep it away from humidity and sunlight and at room temperature. Keep away from children.

Ophthacare Safety information

No certain counter indications were found. But during pregnancy and breast feeding, take your doctor’s advice.

Additional information

It was reported that the herbs, which Ophthacare eye drops contain, possess different pharmacological activities that provide a combined antibacterial and resolvent impact. Therefore Ophthacare eye drops are essential in a definite time of the year when sharp and inveterate conjunctivitis becomes epidemic.

Ophthacare Side effects

When using the prescript amount, no after-effects of Ophthacare are noted.

Ampills offers Ophthacare without prescription.