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Yohimbe-1200 is one a dietary supplement that Enhances Sexual Sensitivity, Arousal and Orgasm in men and women, is safe and effective.

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Alalibo Karibo
What could be the cause of loss or decrease of sex desire, and how do Yohimbe correct this or is it for just palliative measure. Must it be taken only when sexual activity is envisaged?

Can infections in a man result to loss or decrease in lobido if not treated
Ampills Answer
Sexual desire can decrease because of infections (as a result of discomfort), physical damage of male organs, general health conditions (feeling unwell, sickness, stress), alcohol or drug abuse, and many other reasons including psychological and hormonal. Yohimbe-1200 enhanced sexual activity and stimulates desire by increasing fatty acid mobilization and blood flow. It is advised to take Yohimbe-1200 in amount of 3 capsules before physical activity every day. Good health and good luck!
Ean Davis
how many mg of yohimbe hlc are contained in each capsule of yohimbine 1200
Ampills Answer
There is 400mg yohibme in each capsule.
What are the ingredients.
When should I be able to see results.
Ampills Answer
Yohimbine, an alkaloid, is the primary active ingredient of Yohimbe-1200. Your first results will be seen very soon after you start taking this medicine, depends on your personal reaction to it, but it is very effective.

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