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Are anti-depressants safe for breastfeeding mother?
Ampills Answer
Sophia, anti-depressants are not advised for breast-feeding mothers. If they are clearly needed, it is better to stop breast-feeding for the period of taking them. But if the matter is baby blues, the treatment is possible with Anti-Stress Hypnosis CD.
Can anti-depressants be used to help someone forget about his addiction to steroids?
Ampills Answer
Sarah, it is better to talk to the doctor about this. Sometimes anti-depressants can cause addiction as well, but they are widely used to treat addiction to cocaine for example.
My doctor usually prescribes me chemicals anti-depresants to cure SAD, every autumn. Maybe they can be replaced with something herbal? Please, let me know.
Ampills Answer
Hi, Logan! Ashwagandha enables its users to handle stress. Also try Stress Gum - it acts very well.
richard cavis
I tend to feel uneasy some days after taking Risperidone 6-mgs at night and 2-mgs in the morning. Feelings within me are strange, which occur once or twice per week. Should I cut down on my morning dose to just 1-mg instead of 2-mgs.
Ampills Answer
You should not cut any doses unless your doctor tells you do so. In this situation we can't advise you any changes in your dosing schedule, because we didn't prescribe you this medication and do not know your individual health conditions. You should immediately tell about all strange feelings you have after Risperdone to your prescriber as soon as they occur. Do not try to treat yourself because this may be harmful for your health. Good luck and be healthy!
I read resently about an antidepressant which when tried by females they felt an aphrodisiac quality to these drugs what were these drugs?
Ampills Answer
Whatever it was, this was just a side effect, so don't chose medicine thinking of this.

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