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Celebrex is a NSAID approved to be taken in the cases of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis to relieve fever, pain, tenderness and swelling. This medication stops the symptoms, but does not prevent the progression of disease.

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honestly? for moderate andi mean verry moderate arthritis pain and inflamation,this may be ok,but?
for ra and other serioous arthritic issies? celebrex isnt the one you should go with,ive gotten better relief out of using "tylenol arthritis"
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Celebrex is a NSAID, and it is approved to be used in case of arthritis. It relieves pain. This is a prescription medicine: if your doctor prescribed Celebrex to you and it appears that Celebrex does not help, tell this your prescribed and you will get prescription for stronger medicine. Good luck and health!

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