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Flexisyn is anti-inflammation medicine used for treatment of pain associated with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, skin disorders and heart problems.

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About Flexisyn

Flexisyn alleviates arthritis pains and inflammation. Long-term effect is the increase of the mobility and flexibility of the patients.

Your individual dosage will be prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Cox-2 inhibitors (Feverfew and Turmeric) and anti-inflammatory herbs (Cat’s Claw and Licorice root) are included in the Flexisyn. Flexisyn contains only safe and effective ingredients, which helps to relieve from pain and inflammation, caused by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, without negative effects.

The Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a skin disorder associated with valdecoxib (BEXTRA) and heart problems caused by celecoxib (CELEBREX) can be treated with the help of Flexisyn.

Take a missed dose of Flexisyn asa soon as possible. But if it is the time for the next dose, go back to your regular dosing schedule without taking 2 doses at once.

Flexisyn should be stored far away from heat, moisture and light at room temperature of near 22 degrees C (70 degrees F). Do not put the medicament in the places, where children and pets could reach it.

Flexisyn Safety information

Ask your health care professional for the advice if you have any problems with heart, kidneys. Keep far from children. Use only when clearly needed.

Flexisyn Side effects

If Flexisyn is taken directly, there should not be any negative effects as it contains only natural components and the finest botanicals.

Flexisyn is a good alternative to prescription drugs, which can have harmful side effects, because it does not contain any synthetic chemicals.

Ampills offers Flexisyn without prescription.