Sleeping aid for problems with dreams

Sleeping dreams

Dreams are reactions of a brain to certain events. Some scientists think that this is just one of the ways in which human’s brain consolidates memories. During the dream, our mind reorganizes its experience received during the day and tries to solve existing problems by connecting new gathered facts to older ones. In other words, the dreams are expression of brains activity which is going on during the night in order to make sense of all the signals received by brain at daytime. We dream at night because at daytime the brain is busy receiving the signals and producing thoughts. Some people can control their dreams. The brain is trying to solve some problems during the dream anyway, so why not to make a direction to solve the specific problem? Maybe you noticed that I you think about something directly before falling asleep, you may see the dream about what you were thinking about. However, some people think about their problems directly before sleeping, and this makes them unable to fall asleep at all. So, be careful with so called conscious sleeping.

We have realized why dreams appear, and now let us consider the question: what are dreams and when we see them? In modern medical science, it is considered that dreams appear in the period of rapid eye movement during sleep. This stage of sleep is also referred as REM or 4th stage of sleep in medical literature.

As a rule, REM sleep starts after a period of deep sleep and happens several times per night. During REM boy interacts with brain. Some people have problems like sleep walking and sleep talking. These effects happen exactly during REM sleep stage.

A very interesting fact is that adults spend only about 20% of their sleep at REM stage during the night, and children – over 50%. This is explained by that children learn great amounts of information during day-time.

If you are bothered with nightmares and scary dreams, sometimes you may need a medicine which would act like sedative and like anti-depressant simultaneously, like L-Tryptophan or Elavil. However, it may appear to be sufficient just to analyze your dreams, and make a conscious connection to real events. In most cases it is complex task and requires psychological help.

Sometimes it may be useful to keep a journal near your bed in which you will write down all your nightmares, your feelings at the moment of awaking. Afterwards, you may make some interpretations or show your diary to a specialist, who will help you. For example, if you have a repeated dream about falling, you may be in life situation of insecurity. Sometimes the fact of dream diary existing makes nightmares go away automatically. Some people have lucid dreams. This is in fact a final goal of those who are suffering from nightmares. If you will be able to manage your dream development, you will be able to remove all those unpleasant creatures and event out of it.

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