Recognizing and Preventing Fungal Infection

Fungal Infection

Fungus or Jock Itch is an infection which affects mainly nails, feet, upper layers of the skin coverings, and sometimes hair. In medical literature you may also read that body, scalp and beard ringworm also refers to fungal infections. Everyone has a chance of being affected by fungal infection, but there are effective measures, which can decrease the probability of being infected. In this article you will find useful information about the occurrence of fungal infection, ways of prevention fungal infection and about the ways of treatment of fungal infection.

Fungal infections are not life-threatening, but they are very unpleasant and may cause serious harm to health in future. Besides, fungus makes skin sore and more sensible to various bacterial infections. Main types of fungal infections are:

  • nail ringworm (tinea unguium);
  • fungal infections of the skin;
  • body ringworm (tinea corporis);
  • athlete’s foot (tinea pedis);
  • vaginal yeast infections;
  • jock itch (tinea cruris);
  • scalp ringworm (tinea capitis).

Areas affected by fungus most are:

  • Permanently moisturized areas of the skin;
  • The areas between the toes or fingers;
  • The groin (never on the penis);
  • Folds of skin.

Fungal infection is diagnosed by appearance. Usually it is represented as a red or pink itching rash on affected areas. If you notice round areas of hair loss, this may be scalp ringworm. Some individuals also may experience allergic reaction to fungus.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a small part of a kin to make lab test to determine the exact source of problem.

Main ways of prevention of fungal infection are:

  • Use individual towels and lingerie.
  • Change and wash your pants and socks every day.
  • Do not walk without slippers in public places, such as showers in the swimming-pools, beaches, etc.
  • Use your own hairbrush and clean it regularly.
  • Wash yourself every day.
  • Do not let any areas of your body be moisture.
  • During the first signs of itching or rash, revert to the doctor.

If you have fungal infection, you should be concerned about keeping your skin dry. Never scratch the area affected by fungus, because this may make it itch more. Besides, in this way you make it more sensible to bacteria’s.

Mainly for treatment of fungal infections special anti-fungal creams like Lotrisone or Lamisil are applied. For more serious cases, doctors usually prescribe anti-fungal medications in pills like Mycelex-G. So, take care of yourself, and notify your doctor in case of very first symptoms of fungus.

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