Key Facts about Herpes

Herpes is a viral disease, causing cold sores or shingles. It can be transmitted sexually, in public places and by air (herpes Zoster). There are several types of herpes, like HSV-1, HSV-2, herpes Zoster, and other. Overall there are 8 types of herpes virus, but human can be affected not by all of them. The most wide-spread types of herpes are herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. Previously it has been considered that herpes located upper waste is HSV-1 and lower waste – HSV-2. Today, this is not completely true. Herpes from lips can be transferred on legs, for example, and this will be still HSV-1, while herpes on genitals is always HSV-2. As you understand, genital herpes is HSV-2.

As soon as herpes gets into your body, it can’t be cured. Yes, herpes remains in your body for all your lifetime. It settles in your nerves, for example in a large nerve on the face and appears always when you get cold or your immune system is depressed. The mechanism of its appearance: it moves through nerves to different locations and appears as itching sores. The treatment of different types of herpes virus differs. Usually for treatment of herpes virus doctors prescribe antiviral medicines like Zovirax, Neovir, or Valtrex. All of these medications contain the same acting chemical – acyclovir. Acyclovir stops the reproduction of herpes virus for the current outbreak.

The main symptoms of herpes are:

  • aching sores;
  • burning or too sensible places on skin;
  • painful urination

If you suspect you have herpes, and It bothers you, you should follow these recommendations:

Your hygiene should be ideal. Wash your hands carefully after each greasing of area affected by herpes in order to exclude the probability of transferring herpes on other parts of the body with hands.

Do not tear the eyes after tearing your herpes.

Revert to the doctor in order to be tested on herpes. The doctor will determine if your sores look typical as herpes: maybe the blood test from vein will be done.

The treatment is prescribed by the doctor. However, there are typical schemes for treatment. If a person has genital herpes and knows which therapy is prescribed as a rule, there is no need to waste time for visit to the doctor. People just buy generic acyclovir and start treatment as soon as possible. The sooner the treatment starts, the better the outcome is. Many people do this way, and it’s their right.

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