Why is high blood pressure dangerous?

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When you are stressed or have excessive weight, your heart start beating faster, the load on the heart grows, and sometimes blood arteries and vessels become narrower and less elastic. So, blood starts flowing too fast, and the pressure on blood vessels increase. In the situation of stress, it is normal to have elevated blood pressure. But if you have high blood pressure (more than 120-60) often, this means, you have hypertension, and this should be treated. This article is about the danger of high blood pressure.

All organs of our body are fed by blood circulatory system. We breathe air, it is transferred to lungs by airways. From there, oxygen is delivered by the bloodstream to organs. Besides, the proteins, vitamins from food you eat are also delivered to organs by bloodstream. This is the reason, we can’t leave when the heart stops. Day-to-day or chronic elevated blood pressure can lead to an enlargement of heart, brain or neurological damage, kidney failure, and changes in the retina at the back of the eyes.

In other words, uncontrolled high blood pressure leads to damage of different organs in the body. From the other hand, your doctor can estimate the severity of damage by examining key organs that may be damaged by this disease.

Hypertension threatens eye damage. Your doctor will probably examine your eyes and determine whether small arteries are narrowed, if there is leaking of blood in the retina. Also she will estimate the severity of swelling of the eye nerve.

The other danger of uncontrolled high blood pressure is elevated resistance in the peripheral arteries all around the tissues of the body. When this increases, the heart muscle has to do more work to push the blood through these blood vessels. This significantly increased the workload of the heart, and this can possibly lead to heart abnormalities, which are mainly expressed in enlarged heart muscle.

Such serious pathology as heart enlargement can be evaluated by chest electrocardiogram or x-ray, but the most precise way is an ultrasound of the heart.

As we said before, heart and eye abnormalities are not the only problem that may be caused by hight blood pressure. The other thing that might happen is kidney failure or abnormalities. Blood and urine tests detect these problems and are usually advised for people with hypertension to be done regularly. As with almost every disease, much depends on your race. If we consider two patients: African American and white – both with high uncontrolled blood pressure, the first group is more in danger for damage of kidneys and other end-organs.

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