Stress and problems with conception


In this article we describe one of the most wide-spread problems which make conception almost impossible - stress. Thought moderns scientists still make special research and debate on the issue if stress can create difficulties with conception, for thousands of women this became a fact.

Currently it is considered that thought infertility is very stressful, stress alone can’t influence on conception. Maybe this is right, but stress together with its consequences can do this for sure. For example, when a person is stressed, this pushes us towards overeating, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or doing something not good and healthy for conceiving children. All these factors, especially taken together do not help your fertility. Time you spend in the crowded office also is not helpful. A woman may come home absolutely exhausted without any sexual interest.

Another research proved that if we consider a serious stress, it may lead to short-term infertility, but it was also proved that infertility caused by extreme stress can’t last for a long time, i.e. during 2-3 menstrual cycles, fertility will renew automatically and fully.

One of the factors against fertility caused by stress is insomnia. The permanent lack of time to sleep has serious impact on your health. It is important to sleep well; otherwise, the fertility is affected. If you are going to get pregnant, exclude night-shift work from your life, because such behavior may lead to miscarriage in early months of pregnancy.

Poor health caused by constant stress affects menstrual cycles as well. If your hormonal function makes your menstruations irregular, this may lead to problems with conception as well.

The advise is simple – while you are trying to get pregnant, just forget about all your troubles, think only about pleasant things, do what you like to, eat enough, but not too much, exercise, but not too much (chose walks on the fresh air), do not watch news on TV in order to avoid news-induces stress, sleep not less than 8 hours a day, stop smoking, do not take alcohol. And getting pregnant will be much easier.

The bottom-line is that you need to have healthier lifestyle and try to reduce stress, or better exclude constant stress from your life; at least for the period you are going to become pregnant.

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Hi ,
have just read your article and am contemplating giving up work till I become pregnant. I have a little girl of 2and a half and have beentrying to conceive since her birth . I have irregular periods 32to 69 days cycle ! I also work two 12and a half split shifts with no sleep after my shift , due to no child care . I am a staff nurse and feel very stressed both before I get into work at the thought of it and also when I get there , i am 36 soon and worry that there are a lot of barriers to pregnancy ! Anyone else in a similar position?
Best wishes JAC
Let me tell you my story. I am 38 and have been trying to conceive for 25 months without any result. I was very worried that I would never have children. Then I decided to try Anti Stress Hypnosis. After 2 month the test was with two strips. So you need to reduce stress. Age is not a big problem.
I think your problem is all about work. By the way, 12 hours work is harmful for pregnant women. Maybe consider retraining and doing work from home (for example, by Internet). I had the same problem and now I am earning money by blogging.
Best wishes, Mellanie

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