Lifestyle and Treatment of Hypertension

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Blood pressure should be controlled because otherwise this threatens serious impact on health, including kidney failure, heart abnormalities, problems with blood vessels, strokes and heart failure.

If you have hypertension, there are some general recommendations about your lifestyle.

  1. Visit your doctor regularly and discuss all changes of your condition for the period of time with him.
  2. Take all the medicines your doctor prescribes and follow the recommendations concerning their intake, e.g. time, doses, schedule, etc.
  3. Check your blood pressure regularly, better at the same time each day, and try to keep your goal blood pressure.
  4. Be active! Take long slow walks in beautiful places like parks or forests, either in a good company or alone. Fresh air sometimes makes wonders.
  5. Limit the intake of alcohol. People with high blood pressure can take alcohol, but it is not recommended. Limit the intake of alcohol to 1-2 beverages two times a week. Prefer red wine.
  6. Smoking is harmful for the body in a whole. You may experience unexpected raise of blood pressure from suddenly smoked cigarette, but steady smokers usually have lower blood pressure than non-smokers. Anyway, it is better to quit smoking.
  7. Limit the intake of caffeine to less than 5 cups a day. It is not recommended to consume coffee at all, if you smoke and have hypertension.
  8. For people with hypertension, the overall amount of salt should not exceed 4 grams. Try to change it on species.
  9. The increase of potassium level in your body can decrease and help to control elevate blood pressure. Consume such products as bananas, oranges, melons, spinach and zucchini every day. They are tasty and very useful for individuals with hypertension.
  10. Consider trying DASH diet. This is a special diet intended to help individuals with hypertension. This abbreviation is read as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. However, talk to your doctor first.
  11. Add garlic and flax seed to your meals. These products have been shown to lower blood pressure. Be careful and ask your doctor about the interaction of these supplements with medicines you take.

Also think about losing excessive weight and doing more physical exercise. Regular exercise have been shown to improve the condition of people with elevated blood pressure.

Remember, that blood pressure may be a hidden problem for many years, even for decades before it damages end-organs. Do not wait and hesitate. Blood pressure should be treated early – this guarantees long and healthy life without serious illnesses.

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