Five ways to Protect your Bones

Healthy bones

The general rule in prevention and curing of osteoporosis is stopping bone fractures. Healthy bones are those that are less likely to break. In order to build health bones, it is very important to maintain healthy nutrition and be physically active during you lifetime.

However, one of the most essential things for preventing osteoporosis is preventing falls.

More than one third of people aged 65+ fall one or more times a year, and every 20th of such fall results in a bone fracture. In this article we will give useful recommendations about preventing dangerous falls. First of all, it is important to understand the possible reasons of the falls. Then, you should detect those that may threat you personally, and after this it would be good to brainstorm the possible ways of preventing of dangerous situations that may lead to fall.

Here is the list of common problems that trigger falling.

1) Feet problems

Problems with feet may affect balance, mobility, and overall stability. As a result, people fall, just because they can’t balance themselves.

ADVISE: Do not wait until serious problems with feet. Talk about feet problems every time you are at the doctor’s office. Wear comfortable shoes.

2) Vision problems

It is necessary to check your vision with a doctor annually. Vision becomes less sharp with years. Blurred vision can lead to potentially dangerous situation. You may just fail to notice the edge of the curb in a sidewalk and fall down.

ADVISE: Check your vision and wear lenses or eyeglasses if you need them. To maintain healthy eyes, eat berries, fruits and nuts. Some supplements for general health may also be very useful, but their intake should be agreed with your doctor.

3) Lack of concentration, stress, depression

There may be lots of situations in life that make you concentrated on your feelings and forget about the surrounding world. Even if you have good vision, you may just be not enough concentrated to notice some barrier on your way and eventually fall down. If you feel depressed, please revert to your doctor and consider taking anti-depressants like Zoloft or Remeron.

4) Dangerous environment

According to medical statistical data, half of falls occur in places which are not enough lighted. Keep your living environment safe. Do not leave things on the floor. Maybe, a good decision is to buy railing for hands and to set them up in the places where you may possibly lose stability, like ladders.

5) Medicine side effects

Almost all medicines may trigger side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, or blurred vision. All of these side effects may potentially lead to falling down and breaking bone. When your doctor prescribes you something, ask her about possible side effects. If you take certain medicine for the first time and do not know your reaction to it, do not do any potentially dangerous tasks at this time. Try to take medicine at the evening, at bedtime. After you take a pill, sit and stand up slowly, to avoid falling caused by dizziness.

As a bottom line, we should say, that the five ways for preventing osteoporosis are rejecting all of the listed dangerous factors from your life, maintaining your strength and mobility, eating healthy food and taking Vitamins A&D and mineral supplements like Calcium Carbonate or Actonel for healthy bones.

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