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Diagnosis of Diabetes

Diagnosis of Diabetes

The diagnosis Diabetes may be made only by your doctor after close examination of your symptoms, blood and urine lab tests, and other analyses. However, it is important to revert to the doctor timely. This may helps to avoid problems in future.

Diabetes is such a disease, that the earlier you start treatment, the smaller probability of complications is. There are two types of diabetes –I and II. When a person has first type of diabetes, there is a problem with insulin production and a person needs regular insulin injections. While type II of diabetes, there is also too high glucose levels in blood, but you are not insulin-dependent.

Here is the list and explanations of the symptoms which may signal about diabetes. If you notice one or more of these symptoms at you or at your relative, tell the doctor. Maybe you will save your health in this way. Now let us go down to the list of the threat symptoms.

All of the symptoms of diabetes are caused by high level of glucose in the blood and low level of glucose in the body’s cells. As the blood level of glucose is too high, you may notice that you are urinating too frequently. The lack of insulin creates the deficiency of energy in the cells of your body, and this can lead to permanent feeling of weakness and fatigue.

Another important symptom which tells about the diabetes is dehydration – you feel permanent thirst which can’t be helped by constant drinking water – you are thirsty anyway. Also you may experience vision problems, dryness of skin, or itching. Frequent cold and coughs may be a sign of depression of the immune system and diabetes as well.

Notify your doctor, if you recently you have started to rapidly lose weight without sitting on diet or exercising. This may be a sign of Type I of diabetes.

If your blood sugar level is too high for a long period of time, you might develop neuropathy, expressed in ache, tingling or numbness in hands, legs or feet. This is a damage of nervous system caused by diabetes. It can be treated by keeping your blood sugar levels in norm and having healthy way of life.

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