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Nervous Eating

Many people suffer from excessive weight not because of hormonal imbalance, and not because of lack of movement. For many of us the problem is in our brain, - to be more precise, in the way we eat.

The situation, in which you eat because of your emotions, is called emotional eating. This means that you may sit on diet and have generally healthy lifestyle, but when you face the situation when you have to make important decisions or do something you really don’t want to do, you start eating. And you don’t eat healthy food then. The more fat and calorie-contenting the meal is, and the more are the portions, the happier you become. If you are familiar to this situation, the situation of eating because of bad mood, sadness, depression or stress, you are welcome to the club of emotional eaters.

Here is the list of questions that may help you decide if you are emotional eater:

  1. Do you sometimes eat without realizing this?
  2. Do you always want a certain kind of food after arguing?
  3. Do you always want to eat because of advertising on TV?
  4. Does eating help you stop thinking about your problems?
  5. Do you sometimes eat not in the house (for example, in a parking lot)?
  6. Do you feel ashamed if you ate too much?
  7. Do you feel often eat until nausea?
  8. Do you eat when you have nothing else to do?

If you answer “yes” on any of these questions, you need help, because you are emotional eater. First of all, you should realize that this is unpleasant habit, which may lead to excessive weight very soon, because you exceed normal calories intake. You should talk to your doctor as soon as you can, and may be together you will find a solution.

Possible decisions may be:

  1. Understanding the reasons of overeating. These may be: anger, boredom, unhappiness, feeling unappreciated and other emotions. When you understand the reason that makes you eat all these fat products, it is much easier to stop.
  2. Try thinking about alternative behavior at the moments you usually eat extra food. For example, consider doing exercise directly after arguing with the husband instead of eating a pastry.
  3. Think about appetite suppressants. This effective mean may help you to get started in struggle with this harmful habit. Among popular and effective appetite suppressant are Acomplia and Phentermine.
  4. Try Green Tea. It is a great thing if you need natural appetite suppressant. Besides, Green Tea is very useful for maintaining health of veins and heart.

Break the cycle of emotional eating, gain healthy habits and lose weight!

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