Are you miserable without cigarettes?

Without cigarettes

"I feel miserable without my cigarettes! I'll never smoking." How many times have you had this thought? Are negative thoughts exactly what keeps you out of quitting smoking? If yes, this article is exactly for you.

Most of us repeat self-defeating thoughts many times a day, and do not even pay attention to this. Every of us should reconsider his or her mind set. The average man or woman thinks around 55,000 thoughts every day. Yes, our brain is permanently busy, and most f the thoughts we think are negative affirmations about ourselves. To give up some habit that harms you, it is important to get a break for your mind and start to think consciously. It is important to pay attention to what you’re thinking in order to quit any harmful habit. First thing you should learn is replacing thoughts starting with “I can’t” with statements of “I can”, and “I am”.

Work on your thoughts daily. As soon as you gain control over your mind set, you will gather the harvest: an ability to control yourself and chose the habits that you leave with and the habits you quit forever.

Negative thoughts about yourself make you really miserable. Instead modify the negative thought to positive, like: "I am strong enough to succeed with my idea, and I WILL stop smoking. Now I am feeling a little bit uncomfortable (or very uncomfortable) because my colleges are going outside to smoke and I don’t. However, I know that several days with the pills I take will pass and I will have no physical addiction, so it will be easier to keep myself from thoughts about smoking. And now, instead of smoking I’ll ..."

Negative, self-defeating thinking makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy. It is you who decides what to do and what to think. Reward yourself not only with things and actions, but with your thoughts. One clever philosopher said: ”Your life is made of how you think about it.”

Follow these words and you will be surprised how significantly your life has changed. If it is still hard for you to work with your mind in this way, maybe Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD will be able to help you. All you need to do is just switch the CD on and relax. The positive affirmations about stopping smoking will go through your ears to your mind and after some hours of hypnosis you will think just in a right direction to stop smoking.

Another important advice for those who are going to stop smoking is to be ready for mental discomfort. During the process of quitting smoking your hands and your body adjusts to new condition which may be really uncomfortable for the first time. And this “first time” period may be quite long – but this uncomfortable way is the one worth suffering.

Think positively, remember your final goal, reward yourself for every little success, and you will save your health and the health of surrounding people from smoking damage.

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