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Yerba Diet is a high-performance weight loosing formula that naturally helps your body to burn calories effectively by using for energy your body's stored fat.

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About Yerba Diet

Yerba Diet suppresses an appetite and boosts energy, so you have more energy and feel yourself less hungry. One way is to decrease intake and food absorption, the second is to increase energy consumption. Yerba Diet is a combination of a diversion of herbal components that maximize the ability of your body to intake food and enhance energy consumption. This makes losing weight natural, and you don't need to use starving diet or exhausting physical workouts.

Before using Yerba Diet consult to your doctor.

  • Take Yerba Diet by mouth during your meal or after meal two times a day.
  • Take your dose at the same time every day so you will remember when to take it, do not miss your scheduled dose.
  • Before swallowing Yerba Diet do not chew it or crush, take it whole.

If you have any question about using Yerba Diet, ask your health care consultant.

It is known two probable ways to induce the reduction of fat in your body.

Ingredients of Yerba Diet:

Guarana is an indigenous evergreen that sprouts in the basin of Amazon.Guarana is used because of fatique, losing weight, fatness, athletic performance. The native people of the Amazon basin usually use Guarana to reduce fatique or to decrease hunger. Guarana ia also known as a mean of stimulating the central nervous system and increasing metabolic rate.

Cayenne is a traditional medicine tool for centuries. In a double blind experiment, which objective was to examine it's influence to appetite and energy intake, the results showed the decreasing of appetite and increasing metabolism. These studies mean that Cayenne helps in the cure of obesity.

White Willow sprouts in central and southern Europe. Widely khown aspirin was made from one of its parent compound. It is usually used as a pain medicine.

Vitamin B6 is the main vitamin for the process of amino acids and for the construction the building blocks of some hormones and all the proteins of the body. Vitamin B is the necessary nutrient in the process of regulating all mental processes and for the mood.

Green Tea is widely known as social and medicinal beverage. In traditional Chinese medicine it is usually used for reducing pain, enhancing immunity, as energizer for life prolongation. Green Tea is also used for losing weight and for immune stimulation. It is also known as a mean to lower levels of cholesterol and for stabilizing the blood pressure.

If you miss to take a capsule, take it as soon as you remember. If it is a time for the next dose, do not take two doses at one time, just skip missed dose and take the next as to your regular schedule.

Yerba Diet must be stored at 15-25 degrees. Keep it away from light, moisture or heat, away from children and pets.

Yerba Diet Safety information

Only adults can use this product. You should not take this product in case of pregnancy, nursing or if you have health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, thyroid disease, diabetes, prostate enlargement and difficulty urinating. Do not take it also if you take some medicine for depression, psychiatric and emotional conditions or Parkinson's disease such as monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). You should not take Yerba Diet for two weeks after you stop taking the MAOI medicine. If you are not sure if your drug contains MAOI, talk to your physician first. Do not take more doses than recommended.

Yerba Diet Side effects

If some of these side effects: sickness, headache, irritation, flushing, increased urination bother you or continue for a long time, consult with your doctor.

If some of these side effects occurs: pain in the stomach, muscles, heartbeat irregularities, dark urine, sallow complexion, you should talk to your doctor immediately.

An experiment with 70 participants 20-69 years old showed loosing of body weight and decreasing the waist circumference.

When the experiment finished, the body weight was reduced by 4.6% as well as the decreasing of waist circumference was by 4.48%.

The result of this experiment included also the fact that Green Tea that is contained in this medicine enlarged energy expenditure much and helped to decrease body weight.

Ampills offers Yerba Diet without prescription.

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My aunt told me about Yerba Diet since she had lost around 9 pounds in the first week. I saw how it was working well so I went online here and ordered too. I was surprised, as the order came in 2 days. Thank you!

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