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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnosis is for losing weight through increasing control over your mind and following the instructions inside yourself.

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About Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnosis is extremely effective way to gain control over yourself and lose weight. Start listening to it at once when you are ready to change your life, lose excessive pounds and become healthy. It is absolutely safe and has proven its effectiveness in thousands of our clients.

First you will be guided into a deep state of absolutely mental and physical relaxation. Second part is when you will be given multiple appointment hypnotic suggestions to refuse any sweet or fat food. Instead of it you will want to eat healthy food in smaller amounts.

Your negative associations with eating and dieting will be broken by this high quality hypnosis CD recording. Weight Loss Hypnosis uses skilled weight control hypnotherapy techniques. You will begin to lose weight in the best way – not very fast and steadily by taking full control of your eating habits in your mind. The most important thing,that you will feel motivated to take more exercise and to be a healthy eater forever, even after you have reached your normal weight.

If you miss a dose, take it when you can.

Keep Weight Loss Hypnosis at room temperature, keep away from heat, moisture and straight sunlight. Do not let children to play with it.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Safety information

An absolutely relaxing and uniquely hypnotic effect is made by echoed background vocals panning from left to right through the stereo range. Do not listen to this recording in any activity where you have to be attentive and concentrated, for example while driving a vehicle, operating heavy machinery. Powerful subliminal suggestions and 60 beats per minute digital sound effects joining the general effect. Completely relaxed and comfort condition of your mind and body are made by a pleasant voice on the record.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Side Effects

To protect your ears do not play Weight Loss Hypnosis too loud.

Ampills offers Weight Loss without prescription.