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Robaxin (Methocarbamol) relieves pain of muscles and discomfort associated with sprains and strains and may be used either alone or as part of complex therapy.

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These are better than flexeril. I do get tired but I'm much less groggy than when I was taking flexeril. I also take cymbalta. I have fibromyalgia and depression. These seem to be helping so far, but I'm concerned about the withdrawl symptoms. It's kinda weird, but I have smoked cigarettes and quit a few times in my life and I quit cold turkey before. I quit smoking again, but I'm having much less cravings than before and I quit smoking the day I started taking these pills. Hope this info is helpful. My dr. gave me a sample of 60 pills 500 mg four times a day. That's not very many. I hope I can continue to get these. They have helped me a ton.
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