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If you have a headache you can use Imitrex (Sumatriptan) therapy. It helps from migraine headaches.

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About Imitrex

Sumatriptan is useful for treatment the symptoms of migraine headaches.

Take one portion of Imitrex if you experience migraine. Sometimes in hard cases you can take two doses. But you should ask your personal doctor before using more than 200 mg a day.

Imitrex (Sumatriptan) is issued in form of a pill for migraine. When your brain vessels are expanded — it causes migraine headaches. Sumatriptan make vessels become narrow. As a result — your migraine symptoms should be gone.

Imitrex is a very effective medicine for relieving attacks of migraine. But it doesn’t help to diminish their quantity. You can miss one doze of Sumatriptan because this medicine is used to treat migraines or cluster headaches, as they occur. With the doctor’s directions you can take only the necessary doses for you.

It is better to hold Sumatriptan in the dark and cool place at room temperature. Hide it away from kids.

Imitrex Safety information

If you have an allergic reaction on Imitrex you shouldn’t take it.

If you have Raynaud syndrome, earlier attacks, any troubles with your heart, unbalanced blood pressure or vascular disease you also shouldn’t take Imitrex. If you smoke cigarettes, have a high level of cholesterol in your blood, severe blood pressure or diabetes, you have to consult with your doctor about taking Imitrex. Not recommended while pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Imitrex Side effects

Treament with Imitrex can cause such symptoms (side effects) as:

  • Overstrain;
  • Sickness;
  • Sleepy mood.

If any from these things had appeared — instantly stop taking Sumatriptan and try to find medical notice for yourself: allergic (trouble with breathing, suffocation, enlargement of the lips, tongue, or face; or rash on the skin); strong or long lasting hurt in chest, unequal heart beating; chest, jaw, or neck pain, pain in tummy, trouble with eyesight; or abnormal insensitivity. It is possible to appear less serious side effects.

Only after consultation with your doctor you can continue to use Imitrex despite on some sickness, sleepiness, heat, bad flavour in the mouth or irritation in the nose.

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Imitrex is the only thing that helps me from my terrible migrains.

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