Reality about Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a viral infection that has a long incubation period. Usually it lasts about 3 - 6 weeks and unpleasant disease symptoms such as loss of appetite, malaise, fever and vomiting, followed by jaundice develop gradually. Viral Hepatitis is now successfully treated; nevertheless the Illness usually lasts from few weeks to several months. Adults feel worse during the disease than children. If Hepatitis is not treated, death may occur, particularly if we concern old people, but is very rare and frankly speaking, unlikely.

Hepatitis A is caused virus called Hepatitis A. It refers to the class of foodborne viruses and cannot grow in food, it multiplies only in human intestine. Contamination of food may occur during preparation and serving by infected food handlers. Also it may occur by contact with sewage or sewage-polluted water.

Contamination of food by infected people who serve or prepare it, is an important cause of viral foodborne illness. Such food as salads or dessert dishes that receive considerable handling during preparation and are not prepared in any other way after the contact with hands before consumption often become the cause of foodborne viral outbreaks. The used of contaminated water or ice in food is also one of the factors of vral hepatitis spread.

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