Treatment from radiation or nuclear death?

Only 50 heroic japanese men form actually the last defence line between the nuclear apocalipse and the whole world. Five of them are dead, 22 have been heavily injured, two have disappeared. 
They breath through the inconvinient respirators and let the deadly radiation into their bodies to stop the radiation. 
The radiation now is in the ocean, so it is better not to eat seafoods, because it all can contain radiation. Another threat is that the radiation can be blown by wind from Japan to different countries of the world, and this depends on weather. 
The healthcare ministry of Japan has increased the maximum amount of radiation, which every person who works near the reactor can obtain from 100 to 250. This means that the people can stay at that place for a longer time, but it is clear that all these people carry a great risk. First of all, it is the risk of death from leukemia, and other types of blood cancer. Tokio Electric still keeps silence about the names of these heroes, about how often they change each other. We don't see their faces, but know that the people who are going to Fukusima say goodbye to their families. Some of them are contractors, some are just people of good will. 
The experts say that situation in Fukusima is worse then it was in Chernobyl, and the world can be in a big trouble very soon. 
However, the american scientists told that they have developed a medication, which helps the normal body cells overcome the action of radiation. The medicine has been named CBLB502. Now it is being tested on animals, and very soon it will be available in US. The action of medicine is based on mechanism of blocking the protein which starts the process of cell death because of radiation. The medicine has no side effects, and can be used in case of anti-cancer therapy to prevent death of normal cells, and in case of nuclear threats like the threat from Japan today.

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