New medicines for potency are helpful from cancer

Researchers from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  have made a
new discovery: the potential drug prevent prostate cancer cell growth.
There were four metabolic enzymes discovered that regulate the growth
of cancer cells in prostate. This especially concern cultured cells,
and the inhibition of these enzymes is the base for preventing
prostate cancer.

If you are also concerned about the question of preventing the
prostate cancer, do not avoid animal foods, such as meat and eggs,
because there are eicosanoid hormones in them, which are metabolites
of arachidonic acid, and play essential role in regulation of body
functions, including the metabolic function. The dysfunction in
metabolism of bioactive is the reason of many diseases including the
prostate cancer.
The study which was performed by scientists of Finland discovered the
new mechanism of influencing on prostate cells.
Hundreds of normal prostate cells and other tissues were analyzed
during the study, and the enzymes with highest action on prostate
cancer were selected for the second study period.
Some of them were more active for fight with prostate cancer than
other, and this is a fantastic breakthrough for fighting the prostate
This great discovery has been published in The February issue of The
American Journal of Pathology, pages 525-536. In some years we hope to
see new potency medicines that fight prostate cancer, too.

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