Mite's saliva contains a cure for cancer?

mites salivaIn saliva of widespread in South America mite Amblyomma cajennense Brazilian scientists have discovered a protein, which apparently reduces or even completely kills cancer cells without affecting healthy cells at the same time.
The expert said that during the study, she stopped on the properties of the protein known as Factor X active.
She has been testing anti COAGULATION properties of mite's saliva and watched as it prevents the increase in the density of blood and prevents it from congealing. This protein is in some ways similar to the common anti-coagulant ITP (an inhibitor of tissue factor). The assumption that the protein may affect the cancer cells, lead to laboratory tests on cell cultures.
This test exceeded the most optimistic expectations. It was noticed, that the saliva did not kill normal cells, which are also involved in the experiment. But it had killed only the cancer cells.
In a modest lab the mites are located in a row, and under each head is a straw for saliva sucking. The tiny amount of saliva, reproduce many times in order to be enough for experiments with cancer laboratory rats. The results are very promising. Nevertheless, in order to improve this discovery it's needed a lot of money and years of clinical trials. Unfortunately, neither one nor the other Brazil can not afford.

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