Management of food handlers became so important because of spread of gastroenteritis infections. Prevention of foodborne viral illness requires good staff supervision and food handlers should be encouraged to report symptoms of illness as soon as they occur.

The first rule for safety is that food handlers suffering from vomiting or diarrhea should be excluded from work as soon as possible. They should not return to work with food at least 48 hours after the disappearing of these symptoms. After they began to feel one of described symptoms there are two ways of the development of the situation. Either infection may appear to be mild enough to enable the food handler to continue working, or not. That is why even if handler can go on with work, this must be prevented because even very small quantity of norovirus that got into food can result in illness to customers.

It is well known and staff should be made aware it is very likely transfer viral contamination to food through hands or cloth. It can be transferred even by contact with an ill family member. Sometimes infections caused by norovirus (for example Hepatitis A) especially among children can be asymptomatic. That is the explanation why hygiene is so important.

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