Bubblegum helps restore bowel function after Caesarean

cesareanVery simple but effective way to restore bowel function after a cesarean section is a gum chewing, preferably without sugar. In the study, Egyptian scientists found that gum makes the process quicker recovery, and women were ready to be discharged earlier from a hospital.
As after any surgery on the abdomen, the intestine function can be broken if a woman bears through caesarean section. In this case the woman may suffer from bloating and constipation. Egyptian scientists originally came to the solution of this problem: they offer to their patients chew the gum. The fact is that chewing is a reaction of the nervous system which produces digestive hormones that stimulate the activity of the intestine.
The study was attended by 200 women who underwent surgery under general anesthesia. Half of them were given to chew the gum two hours after the operation, and the rest were used standard measures, such as walking, in order to get the bowels working again. Women from the first group asked to chew gum for 15 minutes every two hours, and the result was that they had recovered bowel function faster. On average, they were able to empty the bowels through the 21 hours after surgery, whereas women from the second group took 30 hours. Women who chewed gum were discharged from hospital after an average of 41 hours after birth, and the patient from the second group went home within 50 hours after surgery.
While it remains unclear, whether gum chewing will be useful in more developed countries, where women used to make local anesthesia during cesarean section. Local anesthesia, including epidural, may affect the activation of the nervous system during chewing. That is why; there should be conducted additional studies to determine the effect of chewing on the recovery of women bowel function.

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