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Is Levitra better than Viagra? I need some medications to improve my erections and cannot decide.
Ampills Answer
Blake, Levitra is a little better than Viagra. It has 25 minutes to start and the response period 25 hours. But Viagra is also an excellent medicine for male potency.
Hi! Explain me, is Cialis Jelly formula different from simple Cialis?
Ampills Answer
Hi Caden. Cialis Jelly is absorbed faster than Cialis pills, so starts workng faster.
My 68 year old father has had his gall bladder removed about 10 years ago. We have recently taken him to the hospital and they are telling us he has pancreatitis. We thought you couldn't get pancreatitis after your gall bladder was removed.
Ampills Answer
Maybe it would be a good idea to take him to another hospital to make diagnosis more clear. Sometimes lab tests may fail.

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