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Penis Extender Deluxe

Penis Extender Deluxe is represented on the market as one of the top products and the most effectual methods of penis enlargement. Patients are expected to have improvement of curvature, even up to 90% without any surgical procedure.

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About Penis Extender Deluxe

Speaking about the market of goods, offering the most technically advanced extenders, Penis Extender Deluxe is one of the best.

The patients may select the method of fixation based on using Comfort Straps or Silicone tubing, included in the Hybrid Support System.

While choosing Penis Extender Deluxe patients have an opportunity to decide which type of extender is the most suitable for them.

The device is supplied with different elongation bars and parts for a maximum stretched length of 10.5 inches. It is the most popular and thorough penile enlargement package.

Supplied with:

  • Full Extender Deluxe unit;
  • Hybrid Support Piece (Compatible with Both Tubing and Straps);
  • 4 Silicone Tubes;
  • 6 Comfort Pads;
  • 4 Comfort Straps;
  • Sets of 0.5, 1, 2 and 3 Inch Non-Allergenic Elongation Rods;
  • Exercise CD ROM;
  • Instruction Brochure

Instructions for using:

It is recommended to wear it every day for achieving the best and maximum results although this is not compulsory.

The final results are built on the total amount of hours wearing it. As a rule, the longer you use it, the faster you will get results.

In case you don’t have a physical job, Penis Extender Deluxe can be used under boxer shorts and loose fitting trousers and clothes. It may be difficult to keep on while sleeping (if you twist and turn a lot). You may find out it only after using.

While being stretched, muscle tissue will increase in all directions. The girth enlarges in proportion to the length because of this general expansion.

The principle of traction is applied to a mechanism that simulates the human body natural reaction to the using of physical force.

The reaction of tissue cells is multiplying that leads to the expansion, the following principle was widely popular among different tribes while increasing the size of such parts of body as earlobes and lips.

You are able to use Penis Extender Deluxe whenever you like. The result is based on the total number of hours worn, and the traction included.

It is recommended to store Penis Extender Deluxe at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C). Keep away from heat, moisture, and light. Do not place it in the bathroom. Store Penis Extender Deluxe out of the reach of children.

Penis Extender Deluxe Safety information

Product effectiveness is our top priority. Comparing to other devices, this product was designed considering the clients’ comfort to be the most important criteria.

Other penis enlargement devices may be also available, but keep in mind the fact of causing soreness due to the use the noose system. Penis Extender Deluxe is supplied with our exceptional silicone comfort strap design. So you are able to wear Penis Extender Deluxe for longer periods of time.

It has been proven that Penis Extender Deluxe is effective in straightening the penis of men, suffering from Peyronie's disease, caused by inflammation and scarring of the penis.

Penis Extender Deluxe Side Effects

The production of Penis Extender Deluxe is based on the using of hypoallergenic, medical grade materials excluding any type of allergic reactions. Remember, that the spring tension can’t cause any damage because it is not strong enough. If you follow the instructions, the using of Penis Extender Deluxe won’t affect erection, urination or fertility.

Ampills offers Penis Extender Deluxe without prescription.

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