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Brahmi in the general words calms the nervous system, helps to increase a capacity for a study, capacity for the advanced study, and also develops mental endowment.

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About Brahmi

The daily dosage suggests to accept on one or two pills of Brahmi every day. It is recommended to accept with water or milk.

To talkabout the action of this product, Brahmi consists of herbages. This preparation increases vigilance, and also effectively operates as a sedative mean.

If you did not accept preparation in time follow such recommendations:

When you are not able to accept your dose in time, but it is necessary to take it permanently, you must do it as early as possible. Attention! Under no circumstances do not accept a double dose!

Where to keep Brahmi. To hold in a dry and dark apartment at a normal temperature (room temperature). Children must not have an access to preparation.

Brahmi Safety information

Preparation does not have some contra-indications, however if you are pregnant or you have an infant, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. With Brahmi it is possible to treat asthma, hoarseness, insanity and epilepsy. Brahmi renders the restorative affecting nervous system, is a good cardiotonic, purgative and diuretic agent. This preparation operates as an anti-anxiety remedy, helps when people are in depression and when children are very loud.

Brahmi Side effects

Brahmi was not reported to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

At the observance of all doctor’s directions for using this preparation, side effects are not observed.

Ampills offers Brahmi without prescription.