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Brafix is completely natural product which effectively helps to enlarge your breast. The pill reactivates your body's natural growth hormones by stimulating your pituitary gland.

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About Brafix

In youth, women`s brain begin to eject regular doses of hormones to stimulate sedimentation of fat in breasts. That fat tissue is disposed at special matrix of connective fibers laying from the chest muscle to the underside of the breast skin. The nature of that connective tissue lets to stretch it as much as necessary to dispose all the fat inserted between fibers. The bounce of breasts is caused by the connective tissues spring. Brafix stimulates pituitary gland making your breast grow. Brafix makes your body to reactivate hormones which are responsible for fat accumulation in breast tissue. But pills doesn`t cause general body weight increasing!

Advantages of Brafix:

  • Enlarges your breast with maintenance of new size;
  • Gives you fluent, pumped up shape;
  • Recommences natural growth process in breasts;
  • Provides appreciable tightness and fixity.

Normal dose of Brafix is 2 pills two times a day.

If you missed scheduled pill, just skip missed dose and follow your usual dosing schedule. You shouldn`t accept double dose of Brafix.

Normal condition for storage: 77 degrees F (25 degrees C). Permitted temperature regime for short-time storage: between 59 and 86 degrees F (15 and 30 degrees C). Do not store Brafix in a dump and hot places, take it away from light. Be sure that drug is kept away from children and pets.

Brafix Safety information

The medicine doesn`t have absolute contraindications. If you are pregnant or nursing it`ll be better to consult to your healthcare specialist.

Brafix is an uncial way to maintain hormonal balance of your body with improving your breasts form at the same time. So you can look and feel better, being more balanced, and have enlarged breasts.

Brafix Side Effects

During the time of testing no side effects of Brafix were showed. But be sure you take it in suggested dosage.

Ampills offers Brafix without prescription.

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