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2 Sets of Moldable Mouth Trays

Moldable Mouth Tray is an entire component of tooth whitening systems. They act bit by bit as teeth whitener up to the dentin.

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About 2 Sets of Moldable Mouth Trays

Moldable Mouth Trays has 2 Sets. It contains:

4 Thermoforming Custom Mouth Trays. It’s heat sealed specially for you to ensure your protection.

Use Moldable Mouse Trays in the following way:

  • A pot of water must be boiled;
  • Immerse your tray into water and keep there for 6 seconds;
  • Fix the tray inside your mouth: with closed lips do some sucking movements: your lips should be closed tightly, try to suck the air as through a straw;
  • Let the tray be glued to your teeth and take their form.

After doing this, you are ready to use a tooth whitening system: by pressing out Bleaching Gel, you bring it into Thermoforming Custom Mouth Trays. After you put them into your mouth.

Thermoforming Custom Mouth Trays are a unique system, enables to shape them for accurate fit, assuring better whitening effect and less irritation.

For your safety, don’t use Thermoforming Custom Mouth Tray more than 36 times. Please, follow the safety rules.

Store this set at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F).

Moldable Mouth Trays Safety information

If trays fit you badly, don’t use them. Don’t swallow the teeth whitening gel; It should stay on your teeth only.

You should change for a better Thermoforming Custom Mouth Tray, if you have any unpleasant feeling about the Tray fitting and especially if it can bring any harm to your gums.

Moldable Mouth Trays Side effects

The safety of our products is proved by numerous technical tests. It is fully-licensed and does not have any side effects.

Ampills offers 2 Sets of Moldable Mouth Trays without prescription.