Psychological Aspect of Erectile Dysfunction

Nearly 80% of men of all age tend to have sexual problems, especially do those, who are elder than 35 years. The most wide-spread problem is erectile dysfunction. It is easy to recognize – your penis rejects to erect or erection is weak and you are no more able to maintain it. Hence, you are not able to have sex when you wish or when it is required. But sexuality and ability to have sex is an important part of men’s health. So, the next step you should do is think about returning your erectile function to normal condition to become able to participate in sexual activity at least twice a week – and better every time you want to.

It is not a secret, that today all men use Viagra or Cialis to maintain their sexual function. But to get these medicines, you need prescription. It is not a secret either that most of Cialis and Viagra users use generic products. This article is about possible ways of talking to your doctor or health care professional about sexual problems. Sometimes this task may be very hard.

Doctors have different levels of sexual knowledge. They know much about STDs, but are very poor advisers in sexual dysfunction problems. You have several strategies of getting prescription and advice.

  1. Search the Internet – there is a good chance that you find the answers to all or to part of your questions. In this way you will get ready for discussion with your doctor. Just plan the conversation – ask exact questions and get exact answers.
  2. Talk to your friends and ask the advice of how they get a prescription. Maybe they will give you useful tips about the sexual relationship that you will successfully use. Therefore, there’ll be no need to open your personal problems to the doctor, which might not be open for discussion.
  3. If you have to talk to your doctor about your sexual problems, first ask him about confidentiality. Usually doctors keep their talks private, but not always.
  4. Be ready that the conversation with the doctor will be uncomfortable and you will experience discomfort during this conversation. Sexuality is a very private sphere of life.

As a bottom line – just realize that erectile dysfunction is disease, not the natural part of aging, so don’t give up! Try to find ways of improving your life.

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