Men’s multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms are very pleasant condition. Some men think it is possible only for women. This article shows how men can get multiple orgasms, in what it is expressed and all other issues about men’s multiple orgasms. Men often imagine that orgasm means an ejaculation several times in a row. But for real, male multiple orgasms usually mean experience satisfaction several times during one sexual session with just one ejaculation. Sexual satisfaction during this sessions is usually intense and strong.

If you are bored with your sexual life and would like to explore something new, you may move in several directions:

  1. Learn about your sexual response and learn to control your body. Try to gain more control over your ejaculation. This is a necessary step for learning to get multiple orgasms, too.
  2. Read about experience of men who have learned to receive multiple orgasms.
  3. In order to get multiple orgasm, you should have ability to receive and maintain strong erections. If you have trouble with this, try Viagra, Cialis, or other even more strong products like Viagra Professional or Cialis Super Active. Viagra Super Active is a good thing, it is said to contribute much in sexual pleasure, not only erections.

Also you might need to understand the basic concepts of male orgasm. The main idea of male multiple orgasms is that orgasm and ejaculation are separate for men. You can’t ejaculate several times in row, but you can get pleasure of orgasm several times in row. So, ejaculation is separate psychological and physiological action in men. The key to multiple orgasms is separating these two experiences and learning to control your ejaculation.

Other important step for men to get multiple orgasms is an ability to hold back your ejaculations during one session of sex. When you are almost ejaculating, try to hold this reaction back: you will discover brand new feelings and intense sexual pleasure.

Mantak Chia, taoist practice, brought the science of multiple orgasms and enhanced sexual pleasure to the west from China in 40th years of twenties century. And every of us is able to learn to do this. Good luck!

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To experience great sex, it is essential to have peace of mind. If women can achieve multiple orgasms, so can men!

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