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Which treatment from female infertility do you advise?
Ampills Answer
Ava, infertility first should be diagnosed. When the doctor diagnoses infertility and its reasons, the right treatment is chosen. It may be different for each patient.
my wife problem. doctor told ,not yet child ,because
choclate sist , endometriosis , one tube block.
solution please
Ampills Answer
Hello. The treatment in this case should be prescribe by the doctor. It is not easy and typical case. Medicines used to treat infertility (or inability to have children) include Serophene (Clomiphene) or Clomid.
Which treatment from female infertility do you advise?
endometriosis ,choclatesist
Ampills Answer
Saw Palmetto is used to tone and strengthen male and female reproductive systems. As for concrete scheme of treatment - address your doctor.
in tamilnadu only. which hospital given good result ivf
Ampills Answer
Sorry, but we don't have any information about hospitals in your location.
I'm a 26 year old mom, and I've been experiencing vaginal itching on and off for several months. I went to my doctor couple of months ago, but they didn't find anything. I started using an over the counter cream, and it helped for a while, but not anymore. The itching is really uncomfortable, and interfers a little with my activities. I don't have any kind of discharge or odor, so no yeast infection. Maybe on an unrelated note, I experience burning when i urinate after sex. I really need help, the itching is really uncomfortable.
Ampills Answer
Sam, you probably went to gynecologist, but maybe the problem is urinary tract discharge. Maybe it is wise to go to urologist as well and make urine lab test. Also vaginal itching may be caused by such reasons: - stress; - excessive consumption of sweets, alcohol, coffee; - infection which can't be diagnosed with simple methods. In such case more complicated tests are needed. Good luck and be healthy.
I had my gallbladder removed 1 month ago and my blood levels for my pancreas have never gone back to normal. Could my pancreas be inflamed from the removal of the gallbladder?
Ampills Answer
Every surgery can cause inflammation. But only a month has passed. You need to follow the advise of your doctor, and pass all necessary lab tests on regular basis. If your blood tests won't get normal, you will require new treatment.
sheryl lewis
what can causes bleeding after sex whats the reason or reasons
Ampills Answer
The reasons may vary from rude sex to cancer of women organs. Gynaecologist can help.
Joella Benson
I had my gallbladder removed about 3 years ago.
Since then I have had several digestive problems....
one that keeps coming back is abdominal pain that radiates to my back along with some stomach cramps. It gets better for a few weeks or a month and then it comes back for a few days.
I'm a hypochndriac as it is, and this is so scary that it makes me think of cancer everytime. Since i have had so many digestive issues since my gallbladder was removed, including being diagnosed with IBS, everytime i go to see the doctor i feel she attributes all my issues to that or to anxiety, which i do admit I have.
Ampills Answer
Joella, you need a consultation with psychologist, and maybe change the doctor.
For years... I was told that I have IBS. But, the problem that I have rectal incontinence, which is bad enough. I also get diarrhea so bad that I will "go" until it is a clear, yellow/green color. By then, my rectum burns so badly, I think something is REALLY wrong with the way I go to the bathroom. And, I have diarrhea every day, happy if I make it to the toilet in time.
Ampills Answer
Melissa, you need an urgent consultation with your doctor. Which medicines you take?
Judy Frye
My son is dying from coronic pancreitis and my daughter had her gall bladder removed and now she has symtons of pancreitis could this have caused her also to have panceitis and will hers turn into coronic pancreitis?
Ampills Answer
Dear Judy, your daughter must be examined very thoroughly by the doctor, make all necessary tests an I hope it will be able to save her.

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