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My question is: will medicines for weight loss help if I cannot to reduce my appetite and make myself participate in physical trainings?
Ampills Answer
Mia, the reduction of appetite is possible without efforts with Acomplia or any other appetite supresant. Also you may chose medicine which burns calories and fat. So, weight loss is possible. But to get in fit you need to do some exeicises, and no pill can make you do this.
Hi! I am 18, and I need to lose about 18 kilos. What do you recommend?
Ampills Answer
Hi, Alexis. Try Yerba Diet or Herbal Phentermine. Maybe Green Tea will be helpful as a supplement for your diet.
Hello. Which medicine can help lose weight rapidly and forever?
Ampills Answer
The rapid weight loss can be achieved with Phentermine, for example. But do you really need rapid weight loss? No medicine can garantee weight loss forever.
my hubby and I are overweight. my hubby even exercise daily on threadmill,skipping rope and eat so much lesser than last time. but still his and my weight just goes up and not a kg went down.what's the problem.please advise ASAP we are from Malaysia
Ampills Answer
Hello. You need to ensure that your diet is healthy. Include more vegetables and less meat in your diet. You should not exercise too much. Also do not expect instant weight loss - you should wait some time. Maybe it is a good idea to try some weight loss pills like Herbal Phentermine, of course after your doctor examines your health and gives permission to accept weight loss pills. Good luck and be healthy.
Age 69
underactive thyroid.
Weight gian since diagnosis in 2000
I don't have a big appetite, but still put on weight
Blood test indicate the correct level of thyroxin.
I am uncertain about taking weight loss pills as they are usually contr-indicated whe taking thyroxin'
I don't expect miracles!!!
Ampills Answer
Kris, the best for you is green tea. Good luck!

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