Japan's Nuclear Threat

The nuclear threat from Japanese disaster is terrifying the whole world, and many people think how to save their health, and the health of the children. Here are tips from the doctor James Kelly, who agreed to guide us on the way to save the health from radiation.

'The experience of Chernobyl tragedy has shown that the nuclear radiation is being spread very fast, and soon it will be able to affect people all over the world. So it is necessary to gather everything that is able to reduce your sensibility to radiation', Dr. Kelly says.

Food and food additives from radiation

First of all, pay attention to foods you eat. It is necessary that you add protective supplements like Calcium, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin A to your daily foods. Unfortunately, radiation is able to destroy vitamins A,C, E and K very fast. Another important vitamins to add  are Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Zink. People who have small amounts of these Vitamins in their bodies, can be hurt with radiation faster than others.

The most protective foods are dried sea vegetables, natural fresh juices, natural bee pollen, chlorella, DHEA, Melatonin. By the way, chlorella is one of the most important food that fights with radiation in humans body.

Clothes and lifestyle to avoid radiation

To avoid excessive radiation hazard, you can use this simple advise: do not sunbathe in the following 30 days. Do not expose yourself to radiation hazard - don't smoke, and do not accept any alcohols, because alcohol can easily destroy the defense system of your body. 

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