Viagra is approved for treatment of children!

New York (AP) report a fantastic news about the well-known medicine of Drugmaker Phizer Inc  Viagra. The European commission has approved Viagra ...

Treatment from radiation or nuclear death?

Only 50 heroic japanese men form actually the last defence line between the nuclear apocalipse and the whole world. Five of them are dead, 22 have bee...

Japan's Nuclear Threat

The nuclear threat from Japanese disaster is terrifying the whole world, and many people think how to save their health, and the health of the child...

New medicines for potency are helpful from cancer

Researchers from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  have made anew discovery: the potential drug prevent prostate cancer cell growth.There...

The beginning of Allergic Season

It is a difficult time to about 35+ million of Americans wich suffer from seasonal allergies. Now in april the tree pollen are spreading out sprinklin...

Bubblegum helps restore bowel function after Caesarean

Very simple but effective way to restore bowel function after a cesarean section is a gum chewing, preferably without sugar. In the study, Egyptian sc...

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