How To Save

We offer high-quality medications for treatment of different diseases and to improve your quality of living. For example, with us you can easily stop smoking, lose excessive weight, get in fit, and improve your appearance, mood and sexual life. If you are not sure what exactly you need, our 24h online support can give you advice.

However, unlike other shops, we care not only about the quality of our goods, service and about the well-being of our clients, but also about the ways our clients can save money buying medications. On this page you may find useful tips How to Save Money.

  1. Save buying online.

    Online stores spend less money on advertising and employees. Therefore, there is a significant difference in prices while the quality of medications stays the same. Many people enjoy buying online because they don’t have to go to the pharmacy and can order needed medicines from every part of the world.

  2. Save on delivery.

    There are several ways of delivery. First is AirMail delivery. If your order is less than $200, the delivery costs you $10, if you order on more than $200, the delivery by airmail is FREE.

    The same concerns other two ways of delivery: Courier delivery and Insurance Courier delivery. If you order on respectively $300 and $400, your delivery will be FREE. Otherwise, you will have to spend $19,95 and $23,95 more.

    Here is one more advice. For example, your order is near $200, maybe $180 or $190. In this case we advise to buy something useful that fits all, like Stress Gum and spend this $20 on useful thing instead of paying the same amount for delivery.

    See more detailed information about the ways of saving on delivery for you on Checkout page. You can get to this page clicking “Buy This!” button.

  3. Save on the pack.

    If you need a full course of certain medication, it is better to buy the overall amount of pills you will have to take. There are some reasons for this. Firstly, if you buy all needed amount of medication, you’ll never have trouble of running out of your medication’s supply. Second motivation is that delivery is not instant. You will have to wait from 6 to 14 days for your delivery, and hence you will have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t miss a date to order a new portion of you medicine. This is inconvenient and there is no need for this. Also, for many medications our shop offers a good discount for larger pack. If you need some medications, you will gain more if you buy the together that from buying apart.

  4. Save coming back.

    Our shop appreciates your trust. When your order is processed, you get a special discount code. Save it in safe place and when you need to buy something else, just type it to the Discount code window on checkout and get 5-7% discount for your order.