How To Order

It is very easy to order in our shop. To make it more clearly, we’ve written a Guide for Ordering Medicines on Here are the typical things you should do to order.

  1. Choose the medication that you need. There are some ways to do this. On the left sidebar you can see the list of categories: Men’s health, Female Enhancement, Weight Loss, and so on (see picture below).

    How to select category

    Choose the category to which you think your medication will refer. For example if you have headache, choose Pain Relief, if you wish to treat insomnia, click Sleeping Aid Category. Once you’ve chosen the category, the list of medications that refer to it will appear in the middle of the screen. If you can’t find the medication you need, you can either seek in another category, or ask our Support – they are very friendly and always eager to help. If you are not sure which medication will be more preferable for you, you can also ask our support.
  2. When you choose the medication you would like to buy, just click BUY button (see picture below).

    How to buy item

    By doing this, you will open the page with detailed list of available packs and their prices (see picture below).

    How to add to cart

    Chose the pack you need and click “Buy This!” button. If you are not sure which pack you need, you may read our Saving Guide, it will help.
  3. When you click “Buy This!”, you will proceed to Your Cart (see picture below).

    How to shopping cart

    On this page you will find detailed information on your order. Check it, correct if something is wrong. Chose the way of delivery. Then you can either go to categories to choose something else – to do this just click the name of category like Sleeping Aid or Anti-Acidity or click Continue Shopping and choose the medication you need (see 1-2) or click Continue Checkout Button (see picture below).

    How to checkout

  4. Once you've clicked Continue Checkout Button you will proceed to Secure Checkout page. This page is defended by SSL so that you paying information is unavailable for anybody else. On this Secure Page you will need to fill in the fields concerning your address to deliver your order and payment details. We accept Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard and Echecks. Also, there is a little Medical Questionary on this page. Please fill it in. After you do this, your order wil be processed and delivered to you in 6-14 days.
  5. Also, you will get a Discount Code from our shop, so when you come back, you will get 5-7% discount for your new orders.

We are proud that our customers always come back to us. This is because our main goal is the satisfaction of our customer. We offer variety of high-quality medications; fast delivery, flexible and reliably protected payment system, friendly support that always answers all your questions.