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DiosVein, a vascular-supportive agent, widely used in Europe, is the main part of Vein Support. It is a form of the flavonoid diosmin and contains a lot of bioflavonoids.

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About Vein Support

Vein Support has many useful effects on blood vessels and system of circulation, it strengthens venous tone, maintains lymphatic drainage, promotes the health of cells, which comprise the blood vessel lining, supports normal, not excessive capillary permeability.

Sweet oranges are the source for obtaining the DiosVein. The results of many clinical researches showed that DiosVein is especially effective to support the health of blood vessels and promote normal circulatory function. Clinical experiments also proved that the combination of diosmin and flavonoid hesperidin supports venous function healthy.

Flavonoids also prevent incorrect synthesis of prostaglandins and related mediators, block negative effects of these substances on venous tissue, and in such a way support vessel health.

Besides, Vein Support contains K2. It is a natural vitamin, form of which can be found in natto - traditional Japanese fermented food. According to last clinical researches, vitamin K2 in adequate levels is very important for the health of blood vessel system. In Vein Support is used a long-acting form of vitamin K2 to support the health of cardiovascular system.

The main role of vitamin K2 is activation a protein that presents in blood vessels and is known as MGP - Matrix Gla Protein. MGP responds for venous remodeling and has the function of inhibitor of vessel calcification, as has been found in mice experiments. Additional experiments with rats found that to the vessel calcification significantly and quickly leads the administration of substances that oppose (or resist) the usual effect of vitamin K2, and so prevent the normal activation of MGP.

Also two smaller investigations have been conducted. The results of these double-blind placebo-controlled studies determined the effect of 500 mg per day of flavonoid - the combination of diosmin and hesperidin – on enhancement the venous function (Ramelet 2005).

In the first experiment took part 40 individuals with compromised venous function. They were divided into two groups – a treatment group and placebo group. For different clinical parameters of venous health were calculated general improvement scores. The first –treatment- group has been provided with 500 mg of the combination. Compared with the second - placebo - group it showed considerably greater enhancements of venous function after 2 months of experiment.

The second double blind, placebo-controlled experiment with 160 participants also showed great beneficial effects. In this experiment participants were also divided into two groups – placebo and treatment, which were provided with 500 mg of the flavonoid combination, but twice a day (1000 mg) for 8 weeks. The endpoint of this experiment was evaluation of changes in venous parameters. This experiment showed that the participants that took the flavonoid supplement had much greater improvements in venous health comparing with the participants in placebo group.

The first and the second experiment confirmed the favorable influence of the flavonoid combination on venous and endothelial health.

You should take 1 capsule twice a day. Take it with fat-containing meal for better absorption.

If you miss your dose of Vein Support, take it as soon you remember. If it is a time for your next dose, do not take 2 doses at once. Skip the missed dose and take the next as to your regular schedule.

Vein Support must be stored at room temperature (20-25 C), away from light, moisture and heat. Keep it away from children or pets.

Vein Support Safety information

Vein Support has no contraindications, but you should better consult with your personal healthcare consultant in case of pregnancy or nursing before you begin using Vein Support.

Vein Support Side effects

Vein Support has no side effects, if you take it as per described dosage.

Ampills offers Vein Support without prescription.