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Hi! I would like to lose some weight and at the same time get muscles. Which supplement is better in my case?
Ampills Answer
Hello, David. We can recommend Cree-1200 - super results.
Two month ago I found out that my son had been using anabolic steroids. Me and my husband manages to force him stop using them. But now he has terrible acne, and suffers during his basketball trainings because he is not doing as well as he did before.
1. Can you advise something from acne?
2. Should he take some non-steroidal body-building supplement to do better at his trainings?
Ampills Answer
Dear Sarah. It is very good that you help your son to stop taking anabolc steroids. Try Accutane (Isotretinoin) - it is a very powerful and potent acne-controlling medicine. As for body-building supplements, maybe it is better for your son not to take them for certain period to let the body have rest from steroids?
I am taking Hydroxycut Hardcore to help burn fat from my stomach, but want to gain muscle on my legs, Can I take weight gain to build up calories to work my legs harder?
Ampills Answer
You may take L-Carnitine to reach your goal. Good luck!
You going to laugh at me but here goes....a few months ago i watched the movie fight club and brads build appealed to me. I'm doing my best to get this physique but man!! im batteling. Nobody knows his workout or diet but estimates say his 70kg's with a body fat of 6%. I'm 70kg's with 14.7% body fat, i'm in week 10 of my workout loosing 6kg's of fat and putting on a little muscle. My question this the goal of mine reachable (70kg's of pure steel with 6% bdy fat) or was this trick photography. and do i really have to eat 1.5g of protein for every pound of body weight?!! thats alot of food yet this guy still looks shredded. Anyway any help from you will be a blessing.
Ampills Answer
Hi Lex! Maybe its a good idea to increase body mass by increasing muscles, but not losing too much fat, because 6% fat is too low for such weight, and this can lead to problems with bones, for example. Try Amino Mass to reach your goals. Good luck! We believe in you!
hi amPill!

I love this site and now i need you help very much thankyou! I have terrible man breast in upperchests and am seeking to lose this. I do not like to workout but i wishes to buy 3 supplements to rid of man breasts once and for all! what does amPill recommend??

Ampills Answer
Hello Masood, it is necessary to understand what is the cause of the problem. If it is hormonal problem, maybe you need to increase testosterone. Then to your choice: ZMA-Power, Testo-Rex, Chrysin-XY or Herbal Testosterone. If the problem is that you are doing wrong exercise, maybe it is worth consulting experienced body builder and change your exercise program. If you have too much fat at breasts, we suggest exercises and intake of L-Carnitine, which helps to lose fat. Please ask your doctor and fitness expert before taking any supplements. Maybe you will need to make hormonal blood tests before treatment. Good luck and be healthy!
I am a 33 year old male and have be lifting weights for some time now. I am currently taking a pre-workout supplement from MHP called Dark Rage wich is a NO and a post workout supplement from MHP called Dark Matter that has creatine and protien. I also take whey protein throughout the day. My questions is: I want to take a Testosterone booster "Andro Test Extreme" from Prosource. If I do, should I still be taking my pre-workout supplement or does the T-boost replace the NO? How and when is the best way to combine all my supplements to give me the most gains.
Thank you for your time
Michael Zaitz
Ampills Answer
As far as I know T-boost does not replace the NO.
is it safe to take creatine result and recovery formula and diet pills at the same time.
Ampills Answer
Generally you can do this, but it depends on mechanism of action of each of these pills.
zack mcentire
hello im ayt age 18 and i was wondering if you could tell me the benifits for human growth hormones and if i should use them at this age
Ampills Answer
You can start them at this age and you will have fantastic muscles!
lharold lyons
I am a 55yr old male can i still build decent looking muscles? what supplements would you recommend
Ampills Answer
It's a good time to start building your muscles! Start with L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, and Herbal Testosterone.
Ampills Answer
Can we suggest L-Carnitine?
would you recommened androtest extreme?...does it help?
Ampills Answer
For sure, it helps.
hey i was wondering is there is any product similar to american sports nutrition stamina that contains:
Creatine Monohydrate 10,000mg
D-Ribose 5,000mg
L-Glutamine 5,000mg
Glutamine Peptides 5,000mg
Arginine 5,000mg
Taurine 1,000mg
Pinitol 50mg
Methoxyisoflavone 50mg
Ipriflavone 25mg
hii,im santosh,i really respect and appriciate the way you respond to people.pls help me in the same way,
my left leg muscles are not well toned comparing to the right one..i need to develop my left leg muscule, and a bit smaller than the other one... pls ssuggest me the best supplement to develop my left leg muscule.. i"m really frustated with my leg...iM willing to do anything for this, waiting for your reply...
god bless you for your sucess
Ampills Answer
Dear Santosh, The problem can be that your left leg muscle may be atrophied. The doctor can establish whether it is true. However, you can try to manage it this way: take L-Carnitine and make about twice as much exercise for you left leg. The muscles on it will hopefully grow twice faster and soon your legs will be equal.
hi, can i use cree1200 and amino1000 at the same time? and what is the most beneficial dose from both of them? thanks
Ampills Answer
This combination is possible. The suggested dose of cree 1200 is 6 tablets one hour before a workout. On non-workout days, you can take 6 tablets nearly at the same time as a workout day. After you use cree1200 for 4-6 weeks, it's better to take 1-2 week off and then you can start cycle again.
If I'm taking a testosterone booster do I need to take additional supplements that block other hormones or reduce their levels so I don't get man boobs?
Ampills Answer
You should —Āontrol the manifestations that appear during the intake of this supplement, and if you notie unwanted result, add another supplement.

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