Women Depressive Disorders

Women Depressive Disorder

Women’s depression is a big problem. Almost every woman experiences depression at least once in life. Maybe this I connected to that depression in woman is caused by hormonal imbalance, and women experience this much more often than men. Why? Because women have too many occasions for change of hormonal background, like menstruations, birth of a child, premenstrual days, climax.

Besides, women are too much concerned about their appearance and terribly worry about their weight. The excessive amounts of “sad” hormones are produced, and a woman has eating disorder like Anorexia Nervosa. So, psychologists consider that every women should be aware of the possibility and types of depression she may experience and be ready for symptoms of depression. Knowledge eases this condition if it appears and in fact prevents it.

So, here are the symptoms you may experience during depression:

  • You may feel sad and hopeless or easily annoyed.
  • You cry more often than usual.
  • You don’t still like things you’ve always liked.
  • You don’t care about your personal hygiene.
  • You avoid social occasions.
  • You feel guilty for something you really aren’t guilty.
  • Thoughts about death visit you too often.
  • You have sleeping disorder and tiredness.
  • You have unexplained weight loss or gain.
  • Feeling very tired all the time.
  • You have permanent headache or other ache or condition which is hardly treated.

This list is not full, and of course you don’t have to experience all of these symptoms to be diagnosed depression.

The treatment of depression depends on the reason of depression and your current age and status. If you are depressed after the birth of the child, the treatment with anti-depressants is not recommended, because you are probably breastfeeding. Postnatal depression is usually treated successfully without any medications, just with help of your relatives and as time passes you adjust to your motherhood.

The eating disorders are very often met and should be treated with anti-depressants. The habit to eat too much leads to obesity and is very harmful.

Seasonal depression is treated with light-therapy and in serious cases with anti-depressants like Paxil.

However if you have depression because of some tragic events in your life, you need to revert to doctor, tell him or her about all of your symptoms. The doctor will prescribe you needed medicines and therapy, and your mental health will renewed. You will be back to normal happy life without bothersome depressive emotions.

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