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For most people penis size is important. However, the general satisfaction from it is determined by other factors than just length. Many people are very complicated about their penis size, especially young adults. But as a rule, they have no idea about the average size of the penis, about the ways about increasing your penis and about other things which are common for penises that bring pleasure.

In this article we shall light some of these important issues – this is important for every man. First of all, let us consider the means of penis measurement. Some penises are not ideally straight, so it is hard to measure it correctly. A second important thing is that penis should be measured not only by length but also by girth. Another characteristic of great penis is ability to arousal and hardness. So, you see that the estimation of penis wellness is a very complex thing.

Data on what the average penis size shows that the average penis lengths is about 10-12 cm, but it is not necessary that longer or bigger penis is always better.

If you think that your penis is too small, read the following statistical data carefully.

  1. Ask yourself: to whom you compare yourself? Is this your neighbor or a pornography star? But you should understand, that porno stars are chosen by their penis lengths, they are not average, they are big or very big.
  2. If you have a partner, think about such question: do you penis size matches your partner? If yes, you don’t need bigger penis, because this will make sex in your pair impossible.

If your penis size doesn’t suit you and you are sure that penis enlargement is exactly what you need, try the following measures.

  1. Masturbation. Maybe this sound odd, but this contributes to penile lengths, girth and hardness much, because of the amounts of extra blood flowing to penis during the process of stimulation.
  2. Penis pumps. They all available on the market, but beware products with bad quality. Buy only those with good testimonials. Something that helped your friend will helps you, too.
  3. Penis Enlargement Pills and Penis Enlargement Oil. These two products as well as Ultimate Male Enhancer are very good at improving sexual function and penis size.
  4. Significant penis enlargement is gained by using Penis Enlargement Sets – Penis Enlargement Deluxe, Penis Enlargement Kit Gold and others. They are available in online drugstores mainly. The effect is guaranteed by 100% because they act mechanically and the result depends only on the time you wear the device.

If nothing helps you and your penis is still very small revert to the doctor – maybe you have such diseases as micro penis or small penis syndrome.

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