Stop Smoking Support

Stop Smoking Support

The way of quitting smoking will be much easier if you have permanent, strong, and positive support in your surroundings. As soon as you decide to quit smoking, tell your friends and family. Their support may be very helpful. Especially talk to those who do not smoke. Try to explain them the depth of your motivation, why you have made the decision to quit smoking. Explain them what this means to you.

For the period you are quitting smoking, watch out for the smokers that surround you! They may try to trigger you to smoke again, just because they are jealous because they also want to quit, but cannot make themselves do so. If someone talks negatively about your decision to quit, this means they just fell guilty for their bad habit and laziness which make them unable to stop smoking.

Also it is very advisable to visit stop-smoking forums, because there you may get constructive advice and read about real experience of those who as quit smoking. Stop-smoking communities may be a helpful addition to your surrounding – just a right company to stop smoking.

To make you stronger, buy Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD and listen it every day. This will strengthen your positive anti-smoking affirmations.

A good deal of support you shall get from yourself personally. Make a rule: if you finish a day completely free of smoking, celebrate this victory, reward yourself. The only restriction is that reward should not be food, because this may add some extra pounds to your weight. Some ideas of reward for non-smoking day:

  • Relaxing alone with a good book;
  • Going to a spa-salon;
  • Taking a hot bath;
  • Buying a little gift for you.

Chose reward depending on your personal preferences. If you still can’t make yourself quit smoking, maybe you have serious physical addiction to it. This may be if you have smoked for many years in row. Then we advise to revert to your healthcare provider. Maybe she will prescribe some medications that help to stop physical addiction like Nicotinell. However, mental effort will be necessary to stop smoking as well. So, hopefully, these advise will contribute to your way of quitting smoking.

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