Penis Length: Figures and Ideas

Penis Size

Here is some scientific data about the measured average penis size for a group of men around the world. This procedure is complicated enough, more than you could think about. In three studies, the results of which we are going introduce, the penis size has been measure in three directions: first – not erected, second – erected, third – penis girth in erected state.

The results of laboratory measurements give the following ranges. Average penis length while it was not erect appeared to be from 8.5 cm to 9.4 cm. Average penis length when it was erect deviated from 5.23 inches to 5.7 inches (in centimeters this is 12.9 cm to 14.5 cm). As for penis girth, the average one was from 3.5 inches to 3.9 inches (8.8 cm to 10 cm).

Of course these numbers are different from what we see in porno films and on TV. Some experts say that this difference is explained by intention o marketing campaigns to make men want to enlarge their penis. Maybe this is true. Today there are lots of simple means available on the market which are safe alternative to surgery in improvement of all penis parameters, and of course, manufacturers want to advertise and to sell them.

You may think: why should I buy Penis Enlargement Kit or Pills if I have average penis and I am not worse than average men. All this advertising is just to make men spend their money! We say – yes, you are right. BUT: women also look all those films, see how woman can be really satisfied with a hard, erected and large penis, how many orgasms she can get from a men with a hard and large penis, and want to see the penis of large size in their partner! Maybe physically average women can be satisfied by penis that has only 6 inches in length when it is erected and for only 2-3 minutes of sexual contact, but most of them can’t. All this advertising and porno films turned women’s psychology – now they can be satisfied only with a big and hard penis – a super penis.

Next, we give some ideas which may be helpful to make your penis be or seem larger.

  1. Shaving hair around the penis. – The penis seems larger at once.
  2. Special lightning and angle of view as well as special sexual positions.
  3. Penis Enlargement Oil. Use it every time during sexual contact simply as lubrication.
  4. Wear Penis Enlargement device every day or 4-6 months.

To be statistically precise, it is almost impossible to measure average penis size in the population, just because the data scientists are able to obtain won’t be statistically significant enough to make any conclusions. However, every man has a right and possibility to make his sexual life more bright and interesting by making simple things. Do not wait until you are old and no one cares about your penis and you yourself.

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