Hair Loss Treatment: Important Facts

Hair Loss Treatment

Long since, man has searched for hair loss treatment. You can read some interesting information below about the lotions and potions used for hair growth stimulation.

Ancient Egypt

  • For hair growth stimulation, the Egyptians applied chopped lettuce patches to hairless spots, as lettuce was associated with Min, the Egyptian god of manhood.
  • Another preparation used by Egyptians for hair loss treatment was made from Fir Tree extracts and used for scalp massage. They extracted the resin, or made an infusion from the needles, then rubbed it into their scalps.
  • For hair loss prevention, the Egyptians also used Castor Oil that they mixed with Sweet Almond Oil to amend its smell and make it smoother and easier to apply on the skin.
  • The Ancient Egyptians preferred to have thick hair and, besides their hair growth stimulation, they used chignons and wigs made from human hair or sheep's fleece.

Sub-Sahara Africa

  • To make flavored hair tonics, ancient Africans soaked flowers in Olive Oil.
  • Ancient Africans believed in astringent properties of Avocado leaves and used them to make infusions for scalp problems treatment.


  • Followers of Ayurveda had their own receipt to improve hair growth and natural pigmentation: they boiled sage leaves in coconut oil and applied the blackened residue to their hair and scalps.
  • Indians added a pinch of black pepper and Fenugreek powder to coconut milk and applied the mixture for hair loss treatment.
  • To prepare a hair tonic, they also boiled Amla Oil (made from Indian Gooseberries) in coconut oil.

Can hair loss be treated with herbs like Dong Quai or Saw Palmetto?

Phytoestrogens contained in Dong Quai have been supposed to prevent and reverse genetic hair loss. According to researches, phytoestrogens block androgen-receptor sites and abate the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. (The male sex organs generate androgens that are a major factor in inherited hair loss.) The active elements of Saw Palmetto are free fatty acids and phytosterols. It is believed that they decrease the effects of DHT by preventing the enzyme 5-alpha reductase that contributes to androgenetic baldness.

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