Essential Rules of Quitting Smoking

Stop smoking

You are absolutely right in your decision to stop smoking. People of the world now understand the harm smoking brings to our body, governments make such laws which make smoking uncomfortable – for example smoking in public places has become prohibited. You are not allowed to smoke in the office, at the restraint, at the street. Smoking became a problem. So, you have decided to quit smoking. However, this process is a little bit unpleasant and you should get ready to this by finding out more on this issue. This will make you stronger to quit smoking.

Write down you personal reasons

Before quitting smoking, make a complete list why you are going to do this. This list will help you last until final victory over this harmful habit. Try to write down as many reasons as you can. If your list is still poor, stat with visiting anti-smoking forum, or ask your friends and relatives. For some people a good personal reason to stop smoking will be pregnancy or health of his or her children, for others – inconvenience associated with smoking in public places or problems with lungs which appeared as a result of smoking. Anyway, whenever you are close to lose your stop-smoking way, revise this list.

Overcome smoking triggers

Once you’ve made up your motivation list, sit down and brainstorm the situations which potentially are dangerous. For example, think about what you shall do in the morning while you are drinking your first cup of coffee. Previously you were smoking. With what will you replace this typical action, which you have been doing for years? This question should be answered personally for each of us. What will you do before you go to bed? Think about all such situations in advance.

Here are some useful tips what to do instead of smoking:

  1. Make origami or keep your hands busy with any other hobby which requires activity with your fingers.
  2. Chew sugarless gum or special Stop Smoking chewing gum, or have healthy snacks like grapes, bananas or carrots.
  3. Avoid places and social occasions which make you smoke. Do not go to parties in which everyone smokes. Go to gym or to the walk in the park instead.

Do not give up!

The smoking addiction holds us mentally more than physically. Keep this thesis in mind whenever the addiction makes you want to smoke. The physical need for this is less than mental. And mental need is something you may operate. Become stronger than this addiction and do not agree to smoke even “just a single” cigarette.

Good luck – stop smoking!

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