Effective Treatment of Sinusitis


Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses, the air chambers in the bone behind human’s cheeks, eyebrows and jaw. It is easy to recognize sinusitis. This condition is usually expressed in pain or pressure in the nose, forehead, and between the eyes, mild to moderate headache and fever. You nose may be congested, too. Also you may experience toothache. The combination of these symptoms should make you suspect sinusitis and call your doctor. Neither of the symptoms alone means you have sinusitis.

The typical reasons of sinusitis may be:

  • Allergy;
  • The affection of special tiny hair in the sinuses (cilia) as a result of overuse of decongestants;
  • Big changes in pressure (as a result of diving) or air temperature;
  • Polyps, which physically block sinuses;
  • Smoking;
  • Bacterial or viral infection;
  • As a complication of cold or flu.

Depending on the type of sinusitis you have, the treatment will be prescribed. Obviously, sinusitis must not be left without treatment because such behavior may lead to serious damage of ears or nose. If your sinusitis is of bacterial origin, doctor will prescribe you antibiotics like Cipro, Bactrim, or Augmentin. The course of treatment depends on your symptoms, but it should not last longer than 14 days. The doses of antibiotics are prescribed only by your doctor. Do not try to treat yourself. To help you reduce symptoms, your doctor may also prescribe you some kind of decongestant. However, never use decongestant for more than 3 days. Also you may need pain-relievers to reduce pain in sinuses. The example of pain relievers are: Aspirin, Aleve, and Soma.

The effectiveness of sinusitis treatment depends on ability of your doctor to estimate whether your sinusitis if bacterial, viral, or allergic. If it is allergic, you may require just another treatment, not antibiotics. Maybe you will have to pass some lab tests before treatment.

Usually sinuses clear from mucus during the treatment by their selves, and the drainage is not necessary.

It may appear helpful to lie down to relieve your sinuses. Ask your relatives to help you and have lots of rest in the bed, just sleep and drink hot herbal tea or water with lemon. Many patients feel really relieves because of inhalations (breathing hot air) and rinsing the sinuses with saline solution. Probably your doctor will tell you that it is necessary to avoid alcohol at all during treatment of sinusitis.

The main thing about effective treatment of sinusitis is to start treatment once you felt unwell, and not to stop prescribed therapy until your doctor tells you do so, even if you feel well. This will guarantee the complete cure from sinusitis and the absence of possible complications.

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